My Style:

I have a relaxed and easy-going personality that I bring to our session. I enjoy capturing the special moments between families, which are most likely the expressions that you see most in each other every day. You will find me talking to you and your family a lot, with special attention in engaging your children. Its important to me that you feel comfortable and relaxed, as that is when those forever moments you so adore are created. If you feel comfortable it shows in your images.

Please allow me to keep your child/children focused on me, rather than being firm with them or trying to get them to smile while standing off to the side, as this creates a lot of images with a child looking away from the camera. I have a few tricks to help kids forget the camera is even there; thus producing more natural expressions and smiles from them. If you have younger children, I may tell jokes or act silly, with teens, I may pull them off to the side and get to know a bit about them first. I know family portrait-time can be thought of as a stressful time, but I want you to enjoy more than your images, but also the experience of making those images.

I gravitate towards the natural posing that families do, but may offer posing suggestions as needed, in order to benefit the final look of your portraits. Also, attitude is EVERYTHING. A grumpy disposition, whether a child’s or yours, can show up in your final images, so I ask that you come to your session with an open mind, keeping in mind that you are creating precious memories that you will cherish for decades to come. I can adjust lighting and camera settings but I need you to focus on your expression as thats something I cant fix in my editing. =)

How it works:

Depending upon your purchased session, sessions will last 1-2 hours, allowing time for prop, background and clothing changes. Depending upon the topic of your session, there are various things good to know ahead of time and they are as follows.Time for snacks & bathroom breaks are also allowed and encouraged especially if the children need a break. Please let me know if you have any time constraints before we start the session, or if you feel your child needs a break.


Maternity sessions are a wonderful way to capture the special memory of carrying your little bundle of joy inside of your belly for all those months. Many women express they don't feel beautiful during this time, but you are! You will look back and be so thankful you have these photos, I promise! Clothing choices should show your personality and show off that beautiful belly!


Newborn sessions take time and please expect this and plan accordingly. Much of the session time is devoted to feeding and comforting and soothing back to sleep. Newborns photographed no later than 10-12 days old are preferred as older newborns tend to waken easier and do not curl up as easy, also newborn acne and colic may flair up around 2 weeks of age. Newborns photograph best in their birthday suit or a handmade diaper cover. This allows me, as the photographer, the ability to capture all those precious features of a newborn that fade away so quickly. I also understand that you just had a baby and am very hands on with your new arrival while you do a lot of resting and watching the magic unfold.

Family and/or kids:

Being a mom to four, I am well aware that no family is perfect and we all have our moments. =) There are many stages and temperaments that all children go through. There is no pressure to feel like your family or child(ren) have to be perfect for a photography session with me. I understand children and we have plenty of time to conquer most challenges that may occur. Children pick up very well when the parent is frustrated so its better to be patient and let me talk and work with your child. Clothing choices should be coordinating but dont need to be matched perfectly, same tones work well, not necessarily color. Please and this is very important, be wary of stripes, plaid, words, and/or logos on your family's clothing. These things can be a distraction from your beautiful family. Oh, and bare feet are great too!

High School Seniors:

 What high school senior doesnt want to experience a real life editorial fashion inspired photo shoot? You will have supermodel worthy images that capture a vital and huge milestone as you embark on your journey into adulthood! Bring a friend and make your session even more fun and save money!


Think fun, hip, urban and flirty. My goal for during photographing couples is to capture the passion and chemistry between two people who have fallen in love. PDA is highly encouraged, so please dont get in an argument the day of your photosession.

I also offer birth photography and session collections. Please inquire for details.

Upon booking a session with me, I will consult with you to get an idea of your vision for your photoshoot so we both are on the same page and are prepared to capture so many wonderful memories for you and your family.